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Testing and Evaluation Methods
for Active Vehicle Safety

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Active safety systems are massively implemented into new vehicle generations and offer a high potential in decreasing road accidents. While testing and rating of passive vehicle safety are based on established and accepted methods and programmes, no such are available for active vehicle safety today. Thus it is difficult to assess the performance of those systems for industry, legislation and further stakeholders. In particular, the end customer cannot judge about active safety of different vehicles based on easy-to-understand ratings as they are offered by different NCAP programmes. This leads to a relatively low awareness of active safety systems and can hinder a higher market penetration.

The main focus of the European research project "Testing and Evaluation Methods for ICT-based Safety Systems (eVALUE)" was to define objective methods for the assessment of active safety systems. These methods were based on relevant traffic scenarios that, according to investigated statistics and databases, represent the majority of accidents, where active safety systems can come into effect.

After a duration of three years, the project has officially ended in 2010. Please feel free to take a look at all results and publications on the following pages.


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